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Johny Rosa

Johny Rosa, a successful businessman, art curator, singer/songwriter and native Texan, is adapting to this “new normal” by continuing to offer high-quality services to art lovers. His Texas Treasures Fine Art Gallery and Boerne Frame Shop, located on Main Street, showcases artwork and fine furnishings available for purchase. His mainstay continues to be commission work, excellent framing services, and estate planning and appraisal. The gallery and sculpture garden feature works by over forty highly acclaimed national and international artists.

Thirteen years ago Johny moved to Boerne, Texas where he opened Texas Treasures Fine Art Gallery & Sculpture Garden. Before moving to Boerne, Johny owned and managed galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico for almost a decade. His main study and focus while in Santa Fe was sculpture. Johny has received many awards in his hometown city for 

spearheading public art programs and organizing over a dozen permanent monument installations. Many clients take comfort in the fact that Johny brings a hands-on approach and oversees each project personally. Johny has always lived by the words of his late father: "The only thing constant in life is change, and those who adapt the quickest go the farthest".

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Cracked Concrete Wall


During these times in America, Monument Movers stand as proud Americans and are ready to help our country and communities in any way possible. As a fine art gallery owner an art lover my whole life I have been the one selling and installing monuments. It breaks my heart to see monuments come down or be destroyed. I do believe they are a part of our history. I believe "ART preserves history"It is important that we listen to our communities and citizens and ask them what they would like to see in public art spaces that best represents them and their feelings today. I personally feel that taking down art and destroying art without a plan to replace it only hurts our communities and does not help unite our people. There should be an effort to please everyone on all sides without hate or destruction.

This is my personal and professional opinion. 


J. Rosa

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